Six University of Florida students found that out when they competed in the College Improv Tournament on Feb. 26, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Eleven other teams also competed and threatened their hopes at every moment.

Along the way, we had nationally-acclaimed improvisers give their opinions on what improv actually is and the skills required to have a great show every show.

These students, who started learning improv for fun, found themselves in a pressure-filled container, and needed to rely on each other to give their strongest performance.

We went along and put it on camera.

Attention Collegiate Improvisers

This documentary is for you. These UF students are tackling the same issues you face: becoming better improvisers and reconciling their comedic dreams with the real world.

Check out the Main Feature to see what it's like to compete in the CIT, or check out the full interviews to hear mountains of wisdom.